Audio Lessons

Audio lessons and sermons by Buddy Payne from our last gospel meeting in 2012. 

It was a great blessing to have brother Payne and his wife, Marilyn with us.  May we ever apply these lessons in the Gospel to our habits and attitudes.  These lessons are available for listening or download below.  See each link.  Please contact us through this website if you'd rather have a copy on CD. Please include your address if you wish for us to mail.

Buddy PayneMarch 30 - April 1, 2012
Speaker: Buddy Payne
Series Title: Christians Facing a Corrupting Culture

  • Friday, 7:00 PM, March 30: CHRISTIANS AS CITIZENS OF THE USA
    An examination of a Christian’s responsibility to government, applied specifically to the United States.
  • Saturday, 10:00 AM, March 31: MARRIAGE IN A CORRUPTING CULTURE
    The deviation and redefinition of marriage in our culture has led to devastating effects. What are the Biblical answers to this challenge?
  • Sunday Class, 9:30 AM, April 1: TO SPEND AND BE SPENT
    The Bible's call to Christians to be completely committed to Christ.